Let’s Break The Internet.


About Houston

An entrepreneur, surfer, engineer and operational leader, Houston drives growth through strategic process and creativity.

As Co-Founder & CEO of BAMF Media, Houston has led the company from 0-30+ full-time employees and $0 to $3.5M in annual revenue in its first year.

Houston has led growth teams and marketing campaigns for companies, including Pioneer, Volcom, Love Your Melon, Compass, Coldwell Banker, Mindvalley, Automobili Pininfarina, Unicorn Snot, Foursixty, TEDx, and many more.


At BAMF Media, we drive ROI for growing companies using cutting-edge marketing and growth hacking tactics. We turned being a “growth hacker” into a career.

We work with recently funded startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies alike, and we have a reputation for LinkedIn growth hacking and for hugely successful viral marketing campaigns.

Our top services include: Growth Strategy, B2B Growth Hacking, PR Hacking, Social Media Advertising, Custom Viral Campaigns, LinkedIn Influencer Program, Advanced Chatbots, Email Marketing, Marketing Automations, and more.


How to Break the Internet with PR Hacking

When I was young, I wanted to be a famous musician. I reached out to many publications to cover my music, but no one would. At the same time, one of my closest friends, Connor, got a ton of his music covered. The difference? Connor personalized his outreach to the...

What To Be A Better Leader? Listen.

When my company reached 12 people, I started doing all-hands meetings every Monday morning. I thought it was a good way to bring everyone together and set the tone for the week. I’d present my own agenda at the very start: everything I wanted to talk about, everything...


“Immensely valuable group. Lacks the fluff. Tangible actions that you can take not only from the founders but the community who is active and engaged. Can’t say how much I appreciate the resources available in this group. I find myself giddy to share with other founders who I deem adequate.” Jordan Carroll

Founder, Negotiable Reality

“Houston and the team provide awesome content and high quality hacks that can actually be used (unlike much of the other stuff i’ve seen over the years) The community is filled with good people too, sharing real stories and knowledge. Love being a part of it all.”

Chris Phillips

CEO, Amped Marketing Agency

“Houston & Josh and The Crew @ BAMF are the world leaders in Growth Hacking, Content Marketing,Community Growth & Entrepreneurialism! The content far supersedes similar communities many of which are paid!” Gary O'Toole

Founder, Growth Dynasty